Seeds Of Discontent

Seeda Of Discontent

1989 oil on canvas 46 x 58 inches

The moral sacristan must have been slacking as an engagement party arrangements were proceeding at the Villa Manin in the little village of Passarino near Udine. With a long history as an agricultural and commercial center, the Manin family welcomed many visitors from Venice and its colonies from across the sea. A germinating seed, heretofore lying dormant from one of the villa's granaries is watched over by a protectorate of six carrion crows in the dark shadows of the reedy canal where creeping ivy creeps and the weeping willows weeps. A queer congress of nature plays beyond the view of the villa: elegant pomp and the portent of transgression dances together as a metaphor for the bride-to-be's past carnal indiscretions and her sublimated need to repeat them in the future, which excoriates the adage: "Your first romantic encounter will dictate the limits of all others in the future." Our guide unwittingly stumbles into this abstruse garden bereft of the sagacity or the tools to plumb the psychological depths of Seeds of Discontent.

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